Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How to keep our body slim, fit and healthy:

slim fit and healthy
Slim and healthy

Stick to water: All of those sugary soft drinks are simply adding excess calories to your diet and to your waistline. Start drinking only water and a bit of tea and you could start seeing changes in your body very quickly. This is especially true if your a soft drink junkie
Change your lifestyle: A diet is simply a way of eating. It’s a long-term commitment not a one-time event. Create permanent lifestyle changes. Good habits are the key to success when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Get plenty of sleep: Your sleep time is an essential component to losing weight. Researchers have found evidence to show that better sleep habits are instrumental to the success of any weight loss plan.

Add some variety to your meals: The key to success is having options. Keep your mouth happy with a variety of different meal choices.

"Healthy people live with their world." - Anne Wilson Schaef


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  2. There are many weight loss ideas which you can try if you want to lose weight quickly. However, this may not be a good way to ensure a lifelong outcome if you'll resort on short-term weight loss diets.

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  5. The quickest way for you to reduce that extra weight is the most simple of all weight loss tips: reduce your consumption of meal, I am sure!! That is definitely easier to say than to do.

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