Friday, 17 February 2012

Remedies from Back Pain:

Most critical problem for human being is Back Pain.  Back pain will transpire owing to bad posture, pressure on the back muscles and as of taking too much weight at one time. Make an effort out the subsequent for controlling and averting the pain.

Back Pain

  • At what time you suffer from a sudden back pain, lie down on the bed and take rest for at least  for two days
  • Concern a cold compress on the affected place. Subsequent to half an hour keep a hot pack. Recur if you needed
  • Stay pillows below the chest and legs and lie on your stomach. Dip a towel in steaming water, curl the water out from the towel and relate it to the affected area. 
  • Steaming the part also will trim down the pain.
  • Heat up a quantity of coconut oil or mustard oil miscellaneous with a tiny camphor (Karpuram) powder and concern it on the effected area.
  • Make high temperature with some coconut oil mixed with crushed dried ginger and garlic. Pertain this temperate oil to the affected area and lay a hot bag above the part.
In this time, you want mainly caution about some risky and unsafe issue, that is, If you suffer by back pain without any particular reason; escorted with chest pain, breathlessness, stomach pain, fever etc; the pain does not make relief; diminish even after 2-3 days; the pain spreads to other areas like legs, knees, feet etc. then show a doctor immediately. 


  1. I learned about the ginger and garlic in coconut oil preparation from a very close friend. Her aunt apparently applies this solution on her knees to help ease arthritic pain. Much has been written about the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. It would not be a surprise to see other variations of this pain relief preparation in the future.

    Darlene Fanning

  2. That is a natural and more enjoyable way to relieve back pain, Darlene! Did you know that choosing your home equipment is also crucial in preventing your back from getting stiff? For example, if you have a bed that doesn’t offer your back an adequate support, chances are you’ll wake up with back or neck stiffness. So, it’s best to purchase the right items that can provide you the best comfort!

    Edwina Andreas
    Edwina Andreas